"FEAR MENTALITY", and Harmony!

Miracles Manifesting

21-09-2020 • 31 mins

Please know that you can listen to these podcasts AT ANY TIME; time is fluid and there is some piece of information and inspiration in it for you to hear!  You can skip to different parts of the podcast through the chapter markers:  starting out with an initial talk and topic, a look at the daily astrology, and ending with a guidance tarot card reading from the Osho Zen Tarot Deck!

In this episode, I review ways in which to emotionally deal with 2020, and how to work toward being balanced.  Today's topic, among others:  the importance of dealing with our personal energy levels--clearing out and dissolving the muck and/or draining energetic connections w/ other people and environments.  HSP's in particular need to be conscious of energetic balance of all levels:  physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, and beyond.  Maintaining this in a healthy way is key.  I share info to help dissolve fear and uncertainty, including connection with a higher source and the benefit that we get from grounding things in 'the Highest Good of All'!!

I talk about astrological happenings (Mercury square Pluto (R), upcoming weekly astrology etc.), and how it can affect us in positive ways.

I end the episode by pulling and interpreting cards from the Osho Zen Tarot deck:  today it's a re-cap of Friday's card reading, which is rare, but worth a listen as it's very powerful! I interpret the cards using both Osho Zen and Rider-Waite counterpart meanings.

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