Episode 33: Going Deep. Divorce, Estranged & Strained Relationships, & Breakups

Heart Healing from Loss

12-04-2022 • 20 mins

The grief around ending a relationship may not be about losing the person, it can also include disappointment from the loss of dreams, hopes, and expectations.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling sad about that loss as well, but not understanding the roots of feelings of grief can make it harder to move on.

In this episode, Grief Coach Wendy Sloneker talks about the elements of grief that can come from relationships that are strained or over, and how taking a deep dive into the mechanics of that relationship can help the healing.

See what resonates with you, then find some help and healing of your own in a complimentary session with Wendy. You can schedule time with her at HeartHealingFromLoss.com.