Episode 21: On Not Repeating the Same Relationships After Losses

Heart Healing from Loss

16-08-2021 • 43 mins

In this episode, Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist Wendy Sloneker talks with Laureli Shimayo, Matchmaker and Intuitive Eye Reader, about healthy anger, not repeating patterns, and how to approach dating again after a loss.

What does it mean to adopt the Sumo position? Why does it feel so good to cuddle a soft critter and when is "oozing" actually a good and healthy thing?

Find out the answers and so much more, then find Laureli at Thrive-Wise.com to learn all about her approach to helping you find your soul mate.

If grief over previous loss is holding you back from living a rich and whole life, visit Heart Healing from Loss and make an appointment with Wendy to explore how she can help you.

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