37. Lynda Williams' Journey to TPT Success with Website and TPT SEO

The Savvy Teacher Seller with Kristen Doyle

Mar 7 2023 • 28 mins

How can working on TPT SEO grow your teacher seller business and your website traffic? Our guest Linda Williams is sharing how even someone who isn't a digital native can excel when tweaking key components of her SEO practices.

Today's guest is Linda Williams, the owner of Teaching Science with Linda R Williams. Linda has been a teacher for over 34 years, and she's been selling science resources on TPT since 2013. Linda has grown her TPT business by learning and implementing SEO strategies.

In today's episode, Linda shares what she learned from taking SEO for Teacher Authors, how she's using SEO to grow her TPT business and her website traffic, what she is doing to optimize her products on TPT, how to optimize your website and the benefits that she's seen from improving her SEO over the years.

02:53 -Linda shares how she uses SEO for her TPT business and website
04:11 -The changes you can make to improve TPT SEO
11:37 - How to approach SEO for Google and your website traffic
13:31 - The go-to SEO plugins for WordPress blogs
21:44 - Answering the big question - Where’s the best place to drive traffic to as a TPT seller?

SEO for Teacher Authors

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