49. Protecting your Website: 7 Easy Steps to Prevent Hacks

The Savvy Teacher Seller with Kristen Doyle

May 30 2023 • 17 mins

One thing many TPT sellers need to prepare for is protecting their websites in order to prevent hacks. It's easy to assume nobody would try to hack your "small business”. But it is happening more and more lately, especially in the teacher-seller community.

Fortunately, there are a lot of things that can be done to try and prevent hacks. It is not only crucial for protecting your valuable assets but also for protecting your customers and their data if you have a shop on your website.

In today's episode, I'm sharing the best steps you can take today to secure your site and how to build a strong foundation when it comes to user accounts and website access. Plus, you’ll hear the importance of auditing your plugins and themes to prevent hackers from getting into your site, and the number one way to prepare yourself for the worst.

01:49 -How to build a strong foundation for user accounts

05:13 -The importance of choosing a reliable host for your website

07:39 - Why do you need to audit your current website plugins and themes

13:25 - The best way to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario

For all resources, head to the show notes: https://kristendoyle.co/episode49

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