43. Why Pinterest is Still Relevant for TPT Sellers Today with Kate Ahl

The Savvy Teacher Seller with Kristen Doyle

Apr 18 2023 • 29 mins

Have you wondered if Pinterest is even worth your time as a TPT Seller? This episode will cover all you need to know about how Pinterest works in 2023!

Today’s guest is Kate Ahl, the owner of Simple Pin Media, and she has nearly ten years of supporting clients with Pinterest for their businesses. Kate loves teaching others how to add Pinterest to their marketing strategy to see long-term growth without feeling overwhelmed.

In today’s episode, Kate shares why Pinterest is worth our time in 2023, how to approach your marketing efforts as a TPT seller on Pinterest, the mindset shift needed to see success when using Pinterest, and what you need to know about the need to create new pins.

02:16 -Kate shares how she got started with Pinterest Marketing

04:17 -Why Pinterest is worth your time in 2023 as a marketing tool

9:35 - Tips for using Pinterest to see results as a TPT Seller

15:45 - What you need to know about creating fresh pins

17:47 - The mindset shift needed when approaching Pinterest as a marketing tool

20:56 - Everything you need to know about Pinterest Ads

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