47. Managing your Money as a TPT Seller [Money Series]

The Savvy Teacher Seller with Kristen Doyle

May 16 2023 • 12 mins

Do you ever feel like you can't afford something you want to invest in for your business, or do you need help to make ends meet with your TPT income and teaching salary? You're not alone! This episode will break it down for you.

When you think about your business finances, your first thought is probably wondering how much to spend on ads or how much you should pay yourself. But the first step to achieving financial success is actually to get your personal finances in order before tackling your business finances.

In today's episode, we are kicking off our money series by getting your personal finances under control. I'm diving into why it's critical to tackle your personal finances first, how to create a budget that prepares you for the high and low seasons, how to tackle paying off debt, and when is the best time to start investing for the future.

00:39 -The first step to financial success in your business

03:10 -How to create a budget to prepare for all seasons in your business

06:59 - The importance of paying off debt first

08:35 - When to start investing your money for retirement and future goals

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