44. Time Management for TPT Sellers: Your Key to Juggling it All

The Savvy Teacher Seller with Kristen Doyle

Apr 25 2023 • 11 mins

As a TPT Seller, the right time management tips can make or break your daily success in juggling all the hats you wear. It's critical to have simple ways to save time in your business because we could all use more hours in the day.

To successfully juggle it all, you must have planned ahead of time to make the most of the time you have, and I'm sharing the exact time-saving hacks I use in my own business to get more done!

In this episode, I'm sharing my top four tips for saving time as a busy TPT seller, how to apply these tips based on your specific business season, and how to make the most of the time you have.

00:58 -The importance of focusing on needle-moving tasks

02:37 -How to evaluate which marketing strategies are creating the most ROI

04:42 - Using moments of waiting to complete simple tasks during busy days

05:12 - How to put templates and SOPs in place to save time and mental energy

For all resources, head to the show notes: https://kristendoyle.co/episode44

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