46. Unleash the Power of TPT Data to Drive Your Sales with Jarrett Vaucher

The Savvy Teacher Seller with Kristen Doyle

May 9 2023 • 33 mins

I'm bringing back a guest speaker by popular request! Jarrett Vaucher is joining me for the second time on the podcast. We are covering the most critical topics regarding using TPT Data to make decisions.

Our guest Jarrett created Your Data Playbook, which helps TPT sellers understand and use our data to drive strategy and results for growing our TPT stores. He loves helping TPT sellers understand how to use data as a strategic tool to develop and optimize their stores.

In today's episode, we discuss specific ways to use your TPT data to drive your decision-making and increase your sales. Jarrett explains how to price TPT items using data-driven decisions and shares all about the brand-new Your Data Playbook keyword research tool for TPT Data!

02:50 - Jarret shares how to use TPT data to increase sales and make data-driven decisions

06:38 - How to know when to raise your TPT product's prices and when to make adjustments to your existing products

15:47 -  The opportunity to implement seasonal pricing within your TPT Store

25:12 - Your Data Playbook’s brand new Keyword research tool and how we can use it to grow our TPT businesses

Check out Your Data Playbook - affiliate link

For all resources, head to the show notes: https://kristendoyle.co/episode46

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