Marita Rahlenbeck - Divorce and Ultimate Healing

Relatively Damaged by Damaged Parents

Apr 21 2023 • 30 mins

Marita Rahlenbeck learned to look through the lens of life differently as she went through her divorce and learned how to heal.

Marita Rahlenbeck is a Transformational Coach with a focus on creating a lifestyle through a holistic lens. It's time to bring all of you into all you do.
She coaches women move through their quiet unhappiness (or sometimes it has gotten rather loud) to a place where they access their Quintessential Self. That's where women step into a place of power and embodiment!
Marita also works with high energy products that support humans not only on a physical body level, but emotionally and spiritually which opens them into a state of expansion.
She is a published author and course creator.

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