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Bobby Bizup
Bobby Bizup
In 1958, 10-year-old Bobby Bizup went missing while at a Catholic summer camp in Boulder County, Colorado. It was assumed he had wandered off and searchers would find him quickly, but, that didn't happen. Parts of Bobby's remains were later found as were bits of his clothing. Some were found 3 miles up Mount Meeker. Bobby's skull was never found. Investigators determined that Bobby most likely died of exposure to the elements. But, there were conflicting reports about Bobby's activities leading up to his disappearance. There were also some strange sightings of Bobby reported in locations as far as 15 miles away from the camp. Join Mike and Morf as they discuss the mysterious disappearance and death of Bobby Bizup. There have been revelations that have come out over the years that allege some of the men working at the camp at the time of Bobby's disappearance had molested campers. This had led to speculation that Bobby was either running away from something or someone and that he was perhaps killed because of something he saw. This case has heated up over the past year as a skull that may prove to be Bobby's was brought forth and given to police. DNA testing may soon reveal whether it is Bobby's skull or not. If it is, will it give the authorities the lead they need to finally determine what happened to Bobby Bizup? You can help support the show at An Emash Digital production Learn more about your ad choices. Visit