Episode 157: How to Beat the Odds of Poverty, Be Successful and Give Back with Andrea Guevara

Powerful Ladies® Podcast

Mar 2 2022 • 52 mins

Do you ever feel like you’re being haunted by Murphy’s Law? The if it can go wrong, it will go wrong, bad uncle of the universe? Today’s guest Andrea Guevera was pretty sure Murphy moved in and took up a residency in her life. Abusive relationship? Check. Custody Battle? Check. Homeless? Check. Start a business to have it all crash? Check. And yet today, she has clients whose work is now featured on Netflix - Yes, Netflix! Learn how she kept going through it all and what pivotal action changed her life so that today she’s living her purpose, how she’s now in the dream house that was on her vision board for that matter, and earning a living changing the lives of women just like her. Enjoy this episode!