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Bay Curious is a show about your questions – and the adventures you find when you go looking for the answers. Join host Olivia Allen-Price to explore all aspects of the San Francisco Bay Area – from the debate over "Frisco", to the dinosaurs that once roamed California, to the causes of homelessness. Whether you lived here your whole life, or just arrived, Bay Curious will deepen your understanding of this place you call home. read less

Ask Me Anything with the Bay Curious Team
Ask Me Anything with the Bay Curious Team
For our final episode of the year, Olivia Allen-Price and Katrina Schwartz answer the questions we get most often about the show: How do you choose which questions to answer? How long does it take to make an episode? What's your favorite episode of all time? And more! Join us for a behind-the-scenes chat about the making of the show, plus we'll share some big news about something exciting coming in 2023! Links, in order of being mentioned on the show: How the Filbert Steps Came to Be an Oasis in San Francisco How Did a 184-Foot Shipwreck Wind Up Grounded in the Carquinez Strait? The Sordid Saga of San Francisco's Trash Cans Are You Inked? How a San Francisco Tattoo Artist Changed the Industry Sign up for the monthly Bay Curious Newsletter Feel Like the SF Bay Used to Be Bluer? You're Not Imagining It You Used to Be Able to Call POP-CORN and Get the Time. What Happened to That? Inside Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera's Life in San Francisco Endless Winter: A Fresh Look at the Donner Party Saga The Bay Area During the Ice Age (Think Saber-Tooth Cats and Mammoths) Preorder the Bay Curious Book! Amazon, Barnes & Noble,  Chronicle Books. International buyers go here! Your support makes KQED podcasts possible. You can show your love by going to Bay Curious is made by Olivia Allen-Price, Katrina Schwartz, Amanda Font and Brendan Willard. Our Social Video Intern is Darren Tu. Additional support from Cesar Saldaña, Jen Chien, Jasmine Garnett, Carly Severn, Jenny Pritchett and Holly Kernan.