Anxiety Simplified Podcast that Goes Beyond Psychology

Joanne S. Williams, LCSW

Anxiety Simplified shares skills not pills to overcome anxiety with simple ways, with a Joanne Williams, a 30 year Mental Health Professional and now Co Host Serraphine a Mystic Healer. 30-50 % of the Population has seen Ghost or Angels but never spoken of it. Lets integrate these positive energies into your Life and go Beyond Psychology. read less

Episode #  136 5 New Healing Opportunities to Transform Struggle
Episode #  136 5 New Healing Opportunities to Transform Struggle
42% of the population feels increased sadness, worry, and loneliness than ever, since the pandemic according to Gallup Polling. This is an unprecedented rate of unhappiness, ever, in their history of Gallups polling. New transformation opportunities:  ·  New website design with counseling services access now available. ·       Celebrate 1 year on Power me up Radio on iHeart ·       5000 podcast downloads for Anxiety Simplified Podcast   ·       #4 in Luxembourg   ·       Joanne Williams New School on Power Up inner Wisdom  ·       New courses:     o   Crush Your Panic Attacks Workbook to Accompany the Crush Your Panic Attack Course o   3 Step Course to Making a Concise Decision Today: Creates Confidence and Clarity Immediately ·       Joanne has 2 new books: Ask the expert How to Breakthrough Emotional Barriers to live a fulling life, How to legally take your dog everywhere with you Serra’s offerings: Serra has her book ‘The Awakening’ is at the publisherSerra has a monthly soul series you can join for private sessions Serra on guided journeys for fullfilling your Life Desires  Video Course 3 Steps to Concise Decision Make  ESA Get a certified Psychiatric Service Dogs to go where you go and emotional support animals for house companions Anxiety Simplified Show now going Beyond Psychology On Power Me Up station on IHeart Radio Mon. at 4:30 pm Pac.  M-F Anxiety Simplified Show 5pm. Pacific and 8 pm Eastern