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Although the world is becoming mostly sedentary, our bodies still require a wide variety of daily movements in order to work well. Many of us struggle to get regular exercise, but even that can fall short of nourishing the body from head to toe. How can we move more—a lot more—when we have sore, stiff parts and overly busy lifestyles? Join Katy Bowman M.S., biomechanist, author, and movement educator as she combines big-picture lessons on biomechanics, kinesiology, physiology, and natural human movement with simple and practical solutions and exercises to get all your body parts moving better. Katy’s lighthearted and funny approach helps us all put the movement back in our lives, and the joy back in our movement! read less
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Ep 151: How to Improve Your Grip Strength (and why it matters)
Oct 25 2023
Ep 151: How to Improve Your Grip Strength (and why it matters)
Biomechanist Katy Bowman and her occasional co-host, Dani Alexander (an occupational therapist), explore the importance of grip strength for people of all ages. They discuss therapeutic interventions, such as weighted pencils and play-dough, to improve hand strength and sensory input. They also touch on the impact of weak grip strength on daily tasks and emphasize the need to incorporate grip-strengthening activities into everyday routines. Join Katy and Dani as they delve into the connection between grip strength, overall well-being, and maximizing our physical abilities.Episode Overview:0:00:01 Introduction and mention of previous New York Times features0:03:31 Recap of a previous podcast episode on grip strength0:06:18 Concerns about grip strength from a professional perspective0:08:26 Therapeutic Interventions for Children0:10:40 Play-Doh for Increasing Intrinsic Hand Strength0:13:20 Thera Putty as a Therapy Tool for Adults0:16:04 Importance of Hand Strength in Everyday Life0:24:05 Creating Playgrounds with Obstacle Courses for Kids0:27:04 Importance of diversity in hand use and overuse injuries.0:29:30 The technicality of different hand grips and their importance.0:30:39 Nourishing the Hands and Feet0:32:08 Wondering about the absence of someone in the bathroom0:34:30 Exploring the use of Therapuddy for hand strengthening0:36:54 Multiple approaches to hand training and arm strength development0:39:05 Assessing daily hand movements and seeking inspiration from others0:41:09 Grip Translates to All Finger and Hand Movement0:42:10 The Importance of Grip Strength in Daily Tasks0:44:16 Decline in Strength and Its Impact on Therapy Norms0:45:40 Lowering the Norms: A Frightening Shift in Fitness0:48:51 The Transcendence of Movement: Beyond Individual Body Parts0:49:41 A Salute to an Amazing Friendship --Discover how movement can support your body, energize your writing, and feed your creative process in this inspiring writing workshop. Find out more about "Pages & Poses - A Movement Retreat for Writers" at