Building a plant based business for the health of your body and planet w/ Jessica Gebel & Paul Majchercyzk - Founders of Fabalish!!

Own Every Moment with Peter Hamelin

13-01-2022 • 44 mins

I found Fabalish as part of a plant-based investor group I'm part of.  I was inspired by their story, vision, and products!

Fabalish creates plant-based, allergen-friendly, organic, and clean-label foods from chickpeas and its byproduct aquafaba (chickpea water). Their award-winning dips (such as tzatziki, ranch, and queso), are replacing egg/dairy-based counterparts thanks to the versatility of aquafaba. And from the upcycled chickpeas, they've created the first baked and organic falafel on the market - a healthy, tasty, and clean protein alternative to animal products and engineered/highly-processed alt-proteins.

Sustainable & Fabulous

Jessica Gebel and Paul Majcherczyk, co-founders of Fabalish, are on a mission to eat sustainably, purposefully, and fabulously. As a Natural Foods Chef, Jess has always enjoyed the challenge of creating clean and healthy foods that are deliciously satisfying. With Jess front and center as the heart of the brand, Paul is the muscle behind the scenes. Having graduated as an engineer, worked in financial services for nearly a decade, and then led the operational efforts of a tech startup, Paul brings a wealth of business management and problem-solving experience.

We talked about:

- Why the chick-pea

-How Jess used her own health problems to become a private natural food chef.

- As a chef, she discovers the magic of Aquafaba (chickpea water) to create savory sauces.

-Their beginnings at the farmers market in 2018.  Selling sauces and playing the ukelele.

- Their goal is to be part of the solution in changing our food system to be healthier and more sustainable.

- Why and how Paul leaves corporate America to help run Fabalish.

- Aquafaba - Liquid Goal!

-How they have raised 800K from friends, family, vegan investing groups, and angels!

- The goal is to help people educate people on plant-based eating and how that can support our planet and our bodies.

-How to keep going when times are tough.
(Own Every Moment)

-Their thoughts and hope for the plant-based industry.

- Getting dropped off at supermarkets to sell!

-What's Next for Fabalish, the goals.

- A legacy worth working for.