PublishISHed: Smith Bros.

Rob Macdonald

In PublishISHed: Smith Bros, host and author Rob Macdonald reads and discusses his unfinished (so far) novel "Smith Bros." It is a novel...written and read bit by bit. Jim and Mick Smith run the struggling town of Prosperity's only funeral home, Smith Bros. They are also running a scam. Recycling their clients' caskets for resale has meant that the funeral game has never been more profitable. But when the Faustian Mayor turns up dead after becoming entangled in the corrupt development of a high end, medieval-themed brothel on the edge of town, and the local detective orders his body exhumed, the brothers are on the verge of being exposed. Desperate to cover their tracks, the brothers try to dig the mayor up first. The only problem is, the mayor's body is missing... read less