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Exploring the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius, also known as The Ascension. Reflections, musings, some astrology and observations on spirituality based on decades of experience with various forms of spiritual practice. You can also find me on YouTube here: read less

The Astrology of Resentment | 2008 - 2024
The Astrology of Resentment | 2008 - 2024
I discuss the astrology of the era of grievance (2008 to 2024) which corresponds to the astrological transit of Pluto through Capricorn.   This episode was published on February 11, 2023.   References: Tea Party movement The Secret Origins of the Tea Party The Tea Party movement: deluded and inspired by billionaires There’s a remedy for Britain’s problems: Rejoin the E.U. QAnon Now as Popular in U.S. as Some Major Religions, Poll Suggests The overturn of Roe cost the GOP. So why are Republicans now doubling down on abortion bans? Bill would ban the teaching of scientific theories in Montana schools Steve Bannon’s Podcast Is Top Misinformation Spreader, Study Says Call for new taxes on super-rich after 1% pocket two-thirds of all new wealth Month before Buffalo shooting, poll finds, 7 in 10 Republicans believed in 'great replacement' ideas --- Check my Community Tab where I comment and share links I find interesting: Please add yourself to my contact list here. Follow me on Twitter. Errata.