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Iterating on Open Source - JSJ 615
Jan 9 2024
Iterating on Open Source - JSJ 615
Today the panel is discussing iterating on open source projects. Aimee and AJ recall a conversation they had in the past on this subject and AJ talks about some of his experience iterating with open source. AJ believes that we have an obligation to capture the value of what you create so that we can reinvest and create more value, though he admits that making money in open source is a unique challenge because donations only really work if you have a project that gets billions of downloads a month. As your project grows, it has to change in order to survive, and eventually you will need to get financial support from your project. The panel agrees that some of the main issues with iterating in open source are maintaining the code and getting feedback from users, financial backing, and roadmapping and integrations.The panel discusses their methods for getting feedback from their users. This feedback is valuable because it can show you things that you missed. They acknowledge that there can be conflicts of interest between those who only use the project and those who financially support it, and you have to make a choice. Unfortunately, someone is probably going to be inconvenienced no matter what choice you make. When making these decisions, you have to consider who it helps, who it frustrates, and who it may cause problems for. The panelists talk about different ways they’ve handled making these decisions in the past. The JavaScript experts talk about the importance of having data on your user base in order to make good choices for your users. They talk about different methods for notifying your users of upcoming changes and how it will affect compatibility, and some of the challenges with communicating with your users. AJ talks about an iteration he thought was a good idea but that a lot of people hated and how he noticed that the new users liked it but the old users did not. They panel agrees that people in general don’t like change. AJ talks about what he learned from this experience. Another common issue is integrating with other services. Integrating with cloud services, or at least giving people the option to integrate gives you an opportunity to reach more people and maintain the project long term. AJ gives some final thoughts to close the show, namely that most projects never go anywhere, and that’s ok. If you’ve got something that starts going somewhere, think early on about how you can better serve the community and remember that these people are mostly grateful and semi-willing to support you. He believes that if you are helping people create value, you deserve to see the fruits of your labor. He advises listeners to stay true to your open source ideals, think about your users perspective, and that the earlier you can think about this and make these choices, the better it is for your project SponsorsChuck's Resume Template Developer Book Club Become a Top 1% Dev with a Top End Devs MembershipLinksHow-npm-am-iReactVue.jsLet’s EncryptAsync/awaitNodePicksAimee - Debug Like a NinjaSteve - Jack Ryan AJ - Why I, as a black man, attend KKK meetingsCharles - It’s a Wonderful LifeCharles - Mr. Kreuger’s ChristmasSupport this podcast at — & Opt-Out: a supporter of this podcast:
The Future of Authentication in JavaScript: An Inside Look into Passport JS with Jared Hanson - JSJ 613
Dec 26 2023
The Future of Authentication in JavaScript: An Inside Look into Passport JS with Jared Hanson - JSJ 613
Jared Hanson is a software engineer at Okta. In this episode, they delve into the world of authentication strategies, troubleshooting touchscreen frustrations, and exploring the evolution of web application technology. They touch on the challenges of secure authentication, the complexity of JavaScript type checking, and the intersection of security and usability in technologies like WebAuthn. Join us as they discuss their experiences with Passport JS, the potential of WebAuthn, the frustration with ongoing changes in browser technology, and much more. Tune in for an insightful discussion on cutting-edge trends in the JavaScript and Node.js ecosystems!SponsorsChuck's Resume Template Developer Book Club Become a Top 1% Dev with a Top End Devs MembershipSocialsLinkedIn: Jared HansonTwitter: @jaredhansonPicksAJ - SQL Types JS - Creative T60 SpeakersAJ - HammerHead Metal Shower HeadAJ - Degrees of Comfort King Dual-Heated BlanketCharles - Risk Legacy | Board GameCharles - Ubiquiti: UniFi - IntroductionSteve - The DriveSteve - FigmaSupport this podcast at — & Opt-Out: a supporter of this podcast: