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Predicting Crises and Safeguarding your Organization: The Future of Business Resiliency and Continuity
Jul 25 2023
Predicting Crises and Safeguarding your Organization: The Future of Business Resiliency and Continuity
What if you had the power to predict future crises and safeguard your organization? That's the promise of our discussion with Andrea Davis, Michelle Turner, and Steve Kerr. This episode is a deep dive into the future of crisis management, business continuity, and business resiliency in the post-pandemic era. Listen as Andrea Davis emphasizes the importance of learning from our experiences during the pandemic and the need to ensure these lessons are not forgotten. Michele Turner, Vice President of business continuity at Marriott International, and Steve Kuhr, former New York City emergency manager with vast experience in crisis management, also share their invaluable insights.Have you ever considered how to reduce risk and build resilience in our rapidly evolving world? Our esteemed guests explore this critical topic, discussing the need to understand resilience, learn from past disruptions, and reduce gaps between areas such as cybersecurity and risk management. They talk about the role of business continuity and crisis management, discussing the need for these teams to develop, own, and execute their plans during times of crisis. You'll get a sense of the imperative of reducing the negative impact of risk on an organization and overcoming the prevailing attitude of apathy towards these matters.As we wrap up our conversation, we tackle the impact of telework and discuss how to make the return to the office easier for both employers and employees. We explore the benefits and potential risks of a distributed workforce, the issues of duty of care and employee sentiment, and how teleworking has opened up new opportunities for businesses to serve their clients. Don't miss our guests discussing the importance of having a plan for communication, the potential pitfalls of using artificial intelligence, and the advantages of leveraging technology for resilience. We conclude with a focus on the importance of these conversations and a heartfelt thank you to our guests. Tune in for this enlightening discussion.