BUSINESS PRIMER (for STARTUP Business Owners )

IBGR onAir Talent William Eastman

Strategy - "CREATE IT"

How to provide the business long-term direction, how to provide value to customers, and organize for success. The programming in this theme is for startups and more mature companies building yearly business objectives.


  • How to create an accurate picture of the market and build a plan for brand dominance;
  • How to establish the company as a thought leader - the source people turn to when they need expert answers;
  • How to determine which industries and customer categories to target;
  • How to understand and predict changing customer tastes;
  • How to understand how the customer perceives, uses, and gains value from your products and services;
  • How to integrate goals and objectives that drives employee results;
  • How to plan and use resources (money, time, people) to achieve planned results;
  • How to gain competitive advantage and become the customer first choice.
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