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The Origin of Things or TOOT for short is a podcast hosted by Deepak Gopalakrishnan AKA Chuck. You might have heard him on another IVM show called 'Simblified', but on the much shorter and crisper TOOT he focuses on the origin story of various things. For starters, we're going to be looking at the origin stories of world famous brands. But there's a catch -- Chuck will tell you the fascinating story, little by little dropping some hints, but the brand is only revealed at the very end. Will you be able to beat Chuck at guessing the brand? Find out by tuning into a new episode every Wednesday on the IVM Podcasts Network.

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Bonus Episode: Getting Meta with Amit Varma
Bonus Episode: Getting Meta with Amit Varma
Hello there! I'm proud to announce a new show that I've started, Getting Meta. It's a show on productivity, mental models, life hacks and stuff eked out with conversations with some very smart people. These include Amit Varma (host, The Seen & The Unseen), Krish Ashok (the legendary internet humorist), Utsav Mamoria (who runs Postcards from Nowhere), Meeta Malhotra, a former partner at one of India's leading design firms and a serial entrepreneur, Dhimant Parekh (the founder & CEO of The Better India), Rohan Joshi (comedian), and more.I'd love to share the first interview here with you! It's my chat with writer and podcaster, Amit Varma. It was a perfect way to start my new show, as Amit's always been a supporter of what I do and runs what is probably India's finest podcast today. In this interview, we come up with the name for the show, Getting Meta, together! I hope you enjoy this chat, and like it enough to subscribe to the show! Getting Meta links: Spotify: Podcasts: Podcasts: website: you'd like to get in touch with me, I'm:Twitter: chuck@chuckofalltrades.inSee for privacy information.