Extraterrestrial Law: Commandments for Human Civilization

Alien Talk Podcast

12-07-2021 • 53 mins

The co-hosts and authors, Joe and Laurie, explain how the philosophies of law and morality have been carried on throughout the religions and cultures of the world by the endowment of our ancient alien predecessors.

The Birth of the Living God: A Psychoanalytic Study, (1979), A.M. Rizzuto, MD, University of Chicago Press

The Non-Existence of God, (2004), N. Everitt, Routledge Press

There Were Giants Upon the Earth, Z. Sitchin, (2010), p. 86-89. Bear and Company

The New Complete Code of Hammurabi, (2012), Translated by H. D. Viel, University Press of America

The God Gene, (2005), D. Hamer, Anchor Books

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