STEMpreneur: Jaysen Goncalves

Win in STEM

04-08-2021 • 55 mins

Guest: Jaysen Goncalves

About this episode:

Season 2 will soon come to an end, so it’s only right we go out with a bang! Have you ever thought of owning your own business and becoming an entrepreneur? Do you need advice on how to launch your creative ideas? Win in STEM has you covered! In our new series, we will highlight people of color STEMinists who own a business or have transitioned from STEM to entrepreneurship.

Our first guest is Jaysen Goncalves, the “Engineer Turned Restaurantuer.” And no, he does not do the cooking! Born in Angola, from Cape Verdean and Angolan parents, Jaysen was raised in a restaurant/business lifestyle. As a Civil Engineer graduate from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, he had the opportunity to work in the Oil and Gas field within the United States, Scotland, and Denmark. Life soon took a quick turn in summer 2016 when he started reconsidering his purpose, goals, and the family business. Inspired by fellow Cape Verdeans in the community who recently took their family businesses to the next level, Jaysen was encouraged to give it a shot at managing Luanda Restaurant. Jaysen now runs the successful Cape Verdean/Angolan restaurant in Brockton, Massachusetts!

Tune in as Jaysen shares his story of his transition from STEM to entrepreneurship. There is so much valuable information in this episode. You don’t want to miss it!!

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