193 - Taking control of your menopause with Dorothy Byrne

The Dr Louise Newson Podcast

Feb 28 2023 • 33 mins

Dorothy Byrne returns to the podcast this week to discuss her previous role as former Head of News and Current Affairs for Channel 4 television and the commissioning of and reaction to the menopause documentaries. She also updates us on her new role as president of Murray Edwards College, Cambridge University – one of only two higher education institutions in the UK for women only – and how she hopes to inspire young women especially in the fields of medicine and science.

During the conversation, Dorothy shares some of her experiences of how a menopausal lack of sleep affected her at work, why she continues to take HRT in her 70s, and the ongoing systemic gender discrimination in medicine and the workplace.

Dorothy’s advice to women who are struggling to get menopause treatment:

  1. Go to your doctor and ask for accurate, up to date information about HRT, and if they are not able to provide this, ask to see another doctor
  2. Don't think you just have to put up with your symptoms
  3. Don't be embarrassed by anything related to the menopause. If something’s going on ‘down below’, find out what the cause of it is, it may well be the menopause and there are effective treatments available.

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