Joan Mancusco - SHARE

The Patricia Raskin Show

22-10-2018 • 30 seconds

In the first half is SHARE volunteer, Joan Mancusco. Joan has been living with metastatic breast cancer since 2007. She is a volunteer at SHARE and contributes stories about advanced breast cancer to SHARE’s Mets Matters newsletter. SHARE is a support organization for breast and ovarian cancer. SHARE has a helpline and support groups, including national telephone support groups for those living with metastatic breast cancer, as well as educational webinars. She will be talking about the importance of SHARE and her experience of battling cancer. In the second half is Marc Treitler, successful corporate attorney, loving husband and father, and a recovering alcoholic. Marc and his wife have co-authored the book, Alcohol, Drugs and You – A Young Person’s Guide to Avoiding Addiction, directed at young readers and their and families, on the abuse issues associated with alcohol and other substances. He will be talking about discussing substance abuse with your children and peer pressure.