275 – Who’s Gonna Ride Your War Horses?

The Prancing Pony Podcast

Jan 15 2023 • 1 hr 17 mins

Merry’s not big enough to ride one of the Rohirrim’s steeds, while Alan and his co-host, James Tauber, aren’t exactly keen to try. Join us as we ride into Harrowdale with Théoden to find a host of men - and one determined woman - ready to ride off to war as we start the Muster of Rohan! Merry recognizes some words in slow sonorous speech, Théoden dismisses his nephew’s advice, and we notice some old statues on the side of the road. The Lord of the Mark returns for a Philology Faire on those old statues, and James and Alan talk about the other condiments of Rohan.

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