10 Questions About Life

The Skeptical Saint

31-01-2022 • 44 mins

This week, Dani Van Nortwick, Maggie Seibert, and Aaron Currin tackle questions about the Christian life and culture. Questions [01:54] - Is it biblical that one can feel the presence of the Lord? How can we differentiate between the true presence of the Lord and an emotional high? [07:31] - Do I have to confess and repent of the sin I did in my dream/nightmare? [13:41] - Is today’s feminist movement more uplifting to women than Christianity?  [17:49] - Is the LGBTQ+ movement more accepting of people and more loving than the Christian church?  [28:07] - How can you be sure of your salvation?  [32:30] - Because Jesus instructs us to forgive 77 times, does that mean we are supposed to forgive those who mistreat us no matter what? How are we to obey this command with toxic people in our lives? [33:36] - How exactly are we to be involved/connected in the church? Is it required? What does that look like? [35:22] - How do you personally deal with doubt and unbelief in God altogether? [37:24] - Should Christian women still strive to be modest, or is this a legalistic or antiquated idea? Links John Piper Reformed Pubcast Out of Oz 0203: How Should I Handle Toxic People? Subscribe The Skeptical Saint Website YouTube Apple Podcasts Spotify Google Podcasts Stay in touch BLDG 28 Church BLDG 28 on Facebook BLDG 28 on Instagram BLDG 28 on YouTube