Episode C16 – Kar Shalmaneser

The Ancient World

Nov 27 2022 • 26 mins

Synopsis: Shalmaneser’s Syrian invasions were countered by a coalition forged by King Ahuni of Bit-Adini. But repeated campaigns wore down his rivals and ended in Assyrian dominance. “Ahuni, terrified by my terrible, awe-inspiring weapons and my grim warfare, crossed over the Euphrates to save his life, and made his way to other lands. At the command of my lord Assur, the great lord, I annexed Til-barsip, Aligu, Nappigi and Rugulit as royal cities. I settled Assyrians there and built palaces in them for my royal residence.  I renamed Til-barsip as Kar-Shalmaneser.” – Inscription of Shalmaneser III on the Kurkh Monolith Map of the Early Iron Age Near East: https://audio.ancientworldpodcast.com/Map_Near_East.jpg Map of Early Iron Age Northern Syria: https://audio.ancientworldpodcast.com/Map_Syria.jpg The Kings of Syria and Canaan: https://audio.ancientworldpodcast.com/Season_3_King_List.pdf Episode Images: https://audio.ancientworldpodcast.com/C16_Images.pdf References and Further Reading: https://audio.ancientworldpodcast.com/C16_References.pdf Please contact sales@advertisecast.com if you would like to advertise on this podcast. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices