Puckin Hostile Blackhawks Shoutcast - Episode 70

Puckin' Hostile Shoutcast

Nov 23 2016 • 0 seconds

In this 70th Puckin Hostile Shoutcast (the Dennis Rasmussen episode) Gatekeeper, Pat, Derek, Bryan and Patrick Norton follow up the election and Vegas Golden Knights embarrassment with a craptacular fail of their own. The panel discuss the following: -#Fatrick's connection is poop. -Trump winning the election is still utterly hilarious. -David Backes scores the first goal in his first game against the Bluesers. -The Hall of Fame inducts this year's class. -The Las Vegas team unveils their logo and name right before recording -Bryan Bickell diagnosed with MS -Lots of NHL injuries -Brent Burns doesn't take a haircut on his new deal. -No more stupid circus trip. -Games vs the Blues, Capitals, Canadiens, Jets, Flames, Canucks and Oilers -And of course, as always, an abundance of extremely inappropriate references and jokes in incredibly bad taste