MAGE The Novel


An award-winning action-adventure story that asks: what if we could feel the future before it arrives? When disaster survivor Ambra Lightstone is confronted by an otherworldly stranger, she is set on a collision course with the vengeful heir of a hidden civilisation, and must prevent him from unleashing a terrible force that will change the face of the earth - and to safeguard a technology that could save it. From the canals of Venice, to the far northern Arctic, to remote outback Australia, MAGE explores the depths of our outer and inner worlds in relation to one of the biggest challenges facing humanity in the 21st century. MAGE was a Silver Award winner in the 2020 Nautilus Book Awards, in the category of Fiction: Self Published & Small Press, and a Finalist in the 2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the category of general fiction/novel (under 80,000 words), the largest international awards program for independent publishers and self-published authors. read less