0 to £3.4 Million Portfolio in 5 Years- Breaking Down The Journey With Justin Ingrey & Rae Murphy

Property Investing 2.0

Mar 22 2023 • 50 mins

Justin Ingrey and Rae Murphy have been in property for 5 years now and in that time they have gone from being an electrician and maths teacher to full time property investors.
They have built up a R2R portfolio of 200+ rooms and built their own HMO portfolio worth 3.4 million.
The pair have also implemented other strategies from purchasing a hotel, to lease options and a commercial to residential conversion...... All using very little of their own money.
And today we get to share their story, lessons and tips.
We discuss:
  • How they went from R2Rs to buying their own HMOs
  • The top lessons from a couple of their past projects
  • Going from an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Their biggest challenges in the current market
  • Successful behaviours and habits
  • What they wish they knew starting out

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