Living With Alzheimer's

Christoph Sisson

Living With Alzheimer’s is a podcast about living with dementia from the perspective of Ginger, an octogenarian with early-stage Alzheimer’s, and Christoph, her son and full-time caregiver. Their conversations with each other and with a variety of subject matter experts provide listeners with heartfelt stories of Ginger’s journey as well as best practices for other caregivers who are providing support for friends or family members living with the impacts of dementia. Ginger, a former English teacher and retired librarian, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2019. Her daily life has been impacted by dementia in a way that gives her a unique perspective on life and living. Christoph, Ginger’s son and full-time caregiver, is a former journalism teacher and amateur radio host. He has been learning from dementia care experts and started the podcast as a way to share insights from subject matter experts with the many families impacted by dementia. Subscribe to the podcast to follow Ginger’s story and to learn more about available resources for dementia care. read less
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