15. List 'em up: Marvel Cinematic Universe


11-12-2020 • 1 hr 29 mins

This week Ellis & Gwilym talkabout the films included in the INFINITY SAGA. From Iron Man to Spider-Man Far From Home the lads discuss a Top 10 list compiled of individual lists sent in by listeners and friends alike. There's discussions on the best Stan Lee cameo; which is the saddest death in the MCU; which Avengers film is the funniest and Gwilym gets super hyped for it all. Plus the episode is overflowing with Ellis' fun facts and an almighty sneeze.

If Marvel isn't your jam then that's okay...you're wrong, go and watch all 23 films...but that's okay, we'll forgive you. And we've catered for such a monstrosity and made sure to include our weekly Mando update in which we try to come to grips with Baby Yoda's new name, a bunch of news and trailers and Gwilym gives the least time consuming recommendation yet!
Apologies in advance, as there is a slight buzzing with Ellis' audio around the 50 minute mark, but don't bail...we promise it gets fixed after a short while, we've got Rocket on the case.

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If you have any future List 'em up ideas that you'd love to hear us tackle then do not hesitate to get in touch. We love creating this podcast and the more ideas we have the better.
"We could do this all day."