'Achaayi ka daagh lagna bahot hi bura!'

Shakeeb Karimkhan

'Achaayi ka daagh lagna bahot hi bura!' An audio inspirational short story by Shakeeb Karimkhan . Full Summary -     The story is the life episode of a highschool age good boy ,Hillman .Who thinks being good is a bad thing . In his thoughts, the goodness is such as a filthy stain that nobody tries to erase it after getting stained but they try hard to secure it and they don't understand when they become slaves of the stain in try of million attempts like he had.     He also has said in his story, The stain of goodness makes the man compelled ,helpless and hopeless and at last it pushes you into the deep valley of death . So before the stain eats the Hillman .He takes an immature decision to leave his house .In high stage of anxieties and burden of the stain and becomes homeless .    He feels being homeless is much better than being hopeless and run far away from his people through the grasslands , sugarcane farms and his story starts .    He spends whole three days and two nights at an unknown bank of an unknown river and survived by eating the mulberries and drinking river water because he comes to a place where there are no humans and markets just looking green fields ,trees and a river .    Hilman teaches number of life lessons after living in such a bossom of nature . where the bright day was troublesome in and dark night was grave like .It will be inspired you .Not only the lessons but also his complete story ,which is filled with  adventure ,emotions and thrill and it gives you the feel of  terrific giant wheel ride ! Story by -Shakeeb Karimkhan Narrated by- Shakeeb Karimkhan Intro- Anonymous Presented by -NETRO Workshop & Anchor                           Podcasting host Production- SK Productions I'm very sure, this story will snatch your heart .Based on real life episode! read less
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