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Episode 121: The French Chic Expert with Marie-Anne Lecoeur
Episode 121: The French Chic Expert with Marie-Anne Lecoeur
Today, Sharri speaks with Marie-Anne Lecoeur, a French woman who started her business with her first top selling book back in 2016, titled How to Be Chic and Elegant. After the launch of that book, she left her corporate career and started her own business, which now includes e-courses, the fabulous French Chic Academy, and her highly successful YouTube channel. Marie -Anne breaks down the details of how to acquire our own personal style that actually will elevate your self-confidence, your sense of self, what feels good, what fits, what makes you happy and truly as a result, simplify your shopping. And we all want that, don't we? So let's jump into today’s episode with Marie- Anne Lecoeur!    Marie-Anne Lecoeur’s website,  https://www.marieannelecoeur.com/Marie-Anne Lecoeur’s YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/user/marieannelecoeurMarie-Anne Lecoeur’s Courses, https://www.marieannelecoeur.com/courses.html Marie-Anne’s Masterclasses, https://www.marieannelecoeur.com/masterclasses.htmlThe French Chic Academy, https://www.marieannelecoeur.com/french-chic-academy.html      Extraordinary Women magazine is the “must-have” digital magazine for women looking for inspiration, tips, and support to create a fabulous business, or just the next chapter. In a nutshell, for women who are ready to make their dreams happen.  Subscribe for the FREE Extraordinary Women magazine Connect with Sharri Harmel   Find this episode (and more) on your favorite podcast player at Extraordinary Women with Sharri Harmel