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Educating the possessed, paranormal investigators, pastors, exorcists in training, and the paranormal community on demons and how to handle and cast them out. CAUTION: Audio of real exorcisms, not for children nor the weakminded. read less

Episode 3: Audio of Actual Inner Healing & Ekballism Session
Episode 3: Audio of Actual Inner Healing & Ekballism Session
In this episode Exorcist GP Haggart airs an actual inner healing session with a woman with three demons ending with an ekballism event that caused the demons to choke their victim before exiting. Victims name is censored to protect identity. Demonologist John Mealer places a blessed cross behind the possessed unknown to her which causes her demons to come forward and confront GP Haggart. Educationally, you will learn the initial signals when demons are about to come forward by listening to the mannerisms of the possessed. You'll heard the intelligence of the demonic speaking to the exorcist, and the cruelty of their exit. You can get the book, The Ekballist at: Present: Lead Exorcist: GP Haggart Exorcist Clay Scott (recording) Demonologist John Mealer Outro Music by: Épico DJ Misterioso Story behind the possession and haunt: A teenage boy passed away and a few youngsters followed the leading of a person with knowledge of necromancy. Hair from individuals was collected including the victims to use in the séance. A spirit came forward claiming to be the spirit of the deceased boy. Over time a haunt developed in the family's home, poltergeist activity, black masses, a demonic face appeared on a door, and the victim's personality changed periodically. GP Haggart made multiple counseling sessions with the possessed with each time temperature changes were experienced in the home. The victim would experience back pain and headaches during counseling sessions. During this session the demons finally came forward for the first and last time.