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Don't know about you but for us three working Mummas by the end of the week (sometimes not even mid week) we just need to WINE-DOWN …. oh I mean WIND-DOWN! What better than to combine both! We pour ourselves a glass of wine or three and talanoa, vent, discuss and deliberate about current haps both personal and public. Here is our Samoan/Euro flavoured podcast recipe …. Ingredients: Friends, Wine, Issues, Open mind Recipe: Mix all ingredients together with no script, no measurements and no limits Result: Your guess is as good as mine but we always tend to feel better at the end of it. read less

This episode was our first ever recording done LIVE streaming. We thoroughly enjoyed engaging with our listeners in realtime and getting their feedback on the cheating scenarios.   Check out the episode at any of these links What would you do in these scenarios?? Scenario 1. You find sexy DMs on your partner’s phone 1) Is DM’n cheating? 2) What would you do in this situation? Scenario 2. You’ve been secretly chatting online and the other person wants to meet up. 1) Is it easier to stop cheating if it is just chatting not physical? 2) What would you do in this situation? Scenario 3. You are the side chic and you want the guy to leave his partner. 1) Do you think that guys who are cheating on their wives actually want to leave their wives? 2) What would you do if the guy you were messing around with said he wouldn’t leave his wife? Scenario 4. You develop a crush for a work colleague who has been flirting with you and he makes a move at work drinks, but you’re in a relationship. 1) Why does attraction/affairs happen so much at work? 2) What would you do in this situation? Scenario 5. You’re out for work drinks and see your besties man with someone else 1) Do you tell your friend – Yes or No and Why? 2) How do you deal to your besties man? Scenario 6. You've been married for 11 years and are attending an awards dinner with your husband who is being recognized for his business which you helped build. You've just had your hair and makeup done and your husband tells you he is taking his girlfriend and he wants a divorce... 1) If he admits that he’s cheated, do you try save the marriage or do you walk away? 2) What do you do in this situation? --- Send in a voice message: