Policing the Police with ICPOC Chair, Lisa Jackson, PhD

League of Women Voters Washtenaw County

Aug 26 2021 • 1 hr 27 mins

Special guest, Lisa Jackson, PhD on the topic: How do we police the police? Dr. Lisa Jackson, current Chair of the Ann Arbor Police Oversight Commission, noted behavioral neuroscientist and professor of Psychology at Schoolcraft College, speaks on the commission's work.

Resources cited in this podcast include:

“Police oversight boards are proliferating, but do they work?” https://abcn.ws/3isoD6S  Coursera Police oversight “Teach-Out” with Dr. Lisa Jackson: https://bit.ly/3eEWuZb  Ann Arbor’s ICPOC website: https://bit.ly/3BqUrSm  NACOLE’s thirteen principles of effective police oversight:  https://bit.ly/3zj9oUA  Re-envisioning policing: takeaways from the ICPOC’s forum on the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder:  https://bit.ly/36KvJ14   MI Public Health Program: https://www.mitrainingcenter.org/courses/phapw0821noce “A Public Health Approach to Public Safety: Examples from the Field” enrollment link

Southeast Michigan Criminal Justice Policy Research Project (SMART) https://www.emich.edu/smart-research-project/


In addition to ICPOC, CABLE, and the 21st Century Policing Commission, other oversight bodies include: Ypsilanti’s Police Advisory Commission; Eastern Michigan University’s Public Safety Oversight Commission; and U-M’s Police Department Oversight Committee.

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