Andy McGrath on ditching his alias and becoming an award-winning author

Sigma Sports presents Matt Stephens Unplugged

Jan 12 2023 • 1 hr 18 mins

Matt Stephens speaks to Andy McGrath about his impressive career as a sports writer which all began at the tender age of 14 under an embarrassing alias. He has since gone on to become Chief Reporter for Cycling Weekly and Editor of Rouleur Magazine. In 2017 he won the William Hill Sports Book of the Year for Tom Simpson: Bird on the Wire. Matt spoke to Andy on the eve of the 2022 awards, where his second book, a Frank Vandenbroucke biography entitled God is Dead was shortlisted for the same prize. There are many tangents as always, including a brush with the law, some worrying sirens, cars powered by chip fat, and a story about trying to get Greg Lemond to do karaoke.