China + Europe: The Cross Continental E-Commerce Connection: Victoria Glanz

ShanghaiZhan: All Things China Marketing, Advertising, Tech & Platforms

05-08-2022 • 48 mins

Meet Victoria Glanz, a 12-year expert in bringing foreign brands to China and successfully launching them in e-commerce. Until recently, she led international expansion for Baozun, China's leading e-commerce service provider, launching its offices in Paris. She is launching a new company called Sesame that helps brands sell better online, taking her experience from China. You'll quickly discover there isn't much about China e-commerce that Victoria doesn't know. 1. I never chose e-commerce in the first place, but not it's my obsession day and night. 2. The demand is ready in Europe for e-commerce, but the offer is not yet being served 3. Conversion Phase: the biggest difference between Europe & China's e-commerce markets 4. Traditional Brands in Europe Still See Digital as a Sideshow 5. Social Commerce -will the China model work in Europe? 6. Any thoughts on Ali Express? 7. To do big volume, don't go on WeChat 8. Live Commerce: Will it work in Europe?: It depends upon the volumes 9. What will happen post-Austin Li? 10. Is China still a great market for brands? 50% is No! 11. What about DTC commerce models in China? 12. How do get into the e-commerce business? Just do it. 13. A/B Test: Shanghai, the French Riveria and No Ris de Veau