History On The Go

Morgan "Lamb" Wescott

History On The Go is a round-table style Historically focused podcast hosted and run by Lamb, Hankbob, Assassin, and Xxin of the online gaming group Hood's Division - an inclusive and welcoming group of folks who primarily play the Civil War based Simulation Game, War Of Rights, developed by Campfire Studios as well as a myriad of other popular games. Each episode of History On The Go runs roughly for an hour and forty-five minutes, covering two topics per session: One more narrow topic specifically related in some way to the American Civil War, and one broader topic relating to anything regarding general history, be it North American History or World History. History On The Go is dedicated to preserving a fun and respectful round-table discussion, where no one is ostracized for a lack of knowledge or opinion, and where all topics can be discussed fairly, reasonably, and openly. Whilst History On The Go will likely cover some less friendly and kind topics, all history is important to remember and discuss - if we cannot learn from the mistakes and trouble of the past, we cannot help the future to be better. Disclaimers will be provided before any topics we feel particularly troubling, and we are always open to comments, concerns, and what-have-you from any of our listeners. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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