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Hello Kings, Queens and In-betweens! Welcome to a dating podcast with an asexual host who doesn’t know Jack about dating. My name is Maddy Goshorn, and I’m asexual. For those who don’t know, that means that I have little to no inherent interest in sex of any kind. So, in turn, dating has been pretty scarce in my life. However, I’m still interested in finding a partner, but with sex off the table I have a tough time finding people who want to give me a chance. And then one night, I was having dinner with a few friends of mine. A 20-year-old Italian woman and two divorced dads (one of whom is a little person). All were actively in the dating pool. And it became clear to me how different everyone’s journey is and the unique pitfalls that they face when they’re looking for romance. And yet it was incredible that they all could relate and give advice over the same thing: dating, love, and intimacy. So, I was inspired to keep talking, but not just with them, but with Everyone! Every episode I’ll interview a few individuals from a specific background. We’ll talk with people of different genders, disabilities, nationalities, orientations, and many more identifiers that can make us feel divided. And then unite us back together by talking about something we all want: Genuine Connection. So, join me as we interview people from all walks of life. We’ll talk about looking for love, and how it’s always tough. Just in different ways. read less
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