Shiv Sharma On Financial Investments Evolution

Mrigashira Podcast

27-04-2022 • 16 mins

Shiv Sharma is in conversation with Charu Raizada in this episode of Mrigashira. Conversations around investing are often difficult for most of us. But when you speak to Shiv Sharma, he tends to take the fear out of investing. In this episode of Mrigashira, we speak to him to understand the challenges. The challenges like – what deters people, and how does one navigate the unknown. Investment process is an evolution and each of us is at a different point in our journey. So don’t lose hope. Listen to this episode for a directional conversation with Shiv Sharma, VP International & India Head of Stocktwits Powered by its mission to become the global hub of conversation for all investors. From novices to veterans – Stocktwits is dedicated to providing a steady pulse on the markets. It encourages access for all. Investment process is an evolution, right in every retail investor is at a different point in their journey. Our goal is to help them get even better.