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Lea Robinson on Conquering Fear and Finding Purpose
Jun 11 2024
Lea Robinson on Conquering Fear and Finding Purpose
What happens when you're "half righteous, half ratchet"? Leah Robinson, an incredibly talented actress, model, singer, and influencer, joins us on the Kendal Kirkland Show to reveal how she balances deep faith with an unfiltered personality in her career. Lea shares her inspiring journey of moving to LA to defy industry norms and create original music that's true to her unique style. With candid insights, she talks about the importance of being authentic on social media, showing both glamorous and goofy sides of her life.In our conversation, Lea delves into the significance of personal growth and self-commitment, especially when chasing ambitious career goals. She opens up about the challenges of balancing love and professional dedication, and why it's essential to invest in oneself first. We discuss the value of surrounding oneself with driven individuals and the importance of living life with urgency and intention, seeking richness in meaningful relationships and spiritual fulfillment over mere wealth.Lea also takes us through her journey of overcoming fear and self-doubt in live performance. She shares her strategies for building confidence, including consistent vocal lessons, workouts, and motivational practices. Wrapping up, we reflect on the power of embracing one's unique path and remaining authentic, with Leah's personal anecdotes underscoring the belief that what is meant for you will find its way. Join us for an episode that celebrates the multifaceted nature of an artist’s journey, from combating insecurities to staying true to oneself.