The Military Hot Dog Phanatic Industrial Complex

Tipping Pitches

Jun 27 2018 • 56 mins

Ep. 44 — On this episode, Bobby and Alex examine the Phillie Phanatic’s flagrant assault on a woman with a hot dog gun and what it says about America, and give thanks to Hunter Strickland for proving their point about dumb baseball beefs. Then they take a serious look at the prospect of Ichiro in the home run derby and other ways to make the All-Star break more interesting. They resurrect the Bad Take Dramatic Reading series with friend of the pod Bob Nightengale and his column about how strikeouts and stats and game lengths and also probably what he ate for breakfast this morning are ruining the game of baseball, and wrap it up with a check in on Tebow, who continues to defy expectations.


The Phillie Phanatic must be stopped

Baseball isn’t fun anymore, according to Bob

Songs featured in this episode:

Tierra Whack — “Hungry Hippo” • Frank Ocean — “Lost” • Weezer — “Buddy Holly” • Kendrick Lamar — “Blow My High” • Booker T. & the M.G.’s — “Green Onions”


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