FTF Ep. 56 - A Tale of Two Teams: The Chicago Fire

Feed the Fire: A Chicago Fire Podcast

Oct 10 2023 • 53 mins

Hey, soccer fans! The Chicago Fire played two important matches in the same week with the same starting lineup with the same playoff stakes - and the results couldn't have been more different. Tune in as we celebrate the highs of the victory over Inter Miami and commiserate during the lows of the loss to Charlotte. This two game stretch really showed up what's wrong with the club from top to bottom.

Along the way, Nick also shares stories from coaching his son's U8 team, and his own run-in with Monterrey Security. Did you hear they made another false detention? We also look ahead to the NYCFC match and comment on some Fire specific news: Heitz gets and extension, but Mihailovic may be back in the Windy City.

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