Isobel Campbell

Performance Anxiety

13-07-2022 • 1 hr 49 mins

It was so much fun talking with Isobel Campbell. We hit on so many topics; some you’d expect like starting with Belle & Sebastian, working with Mark Lanegan, the effect COVID had on her projects, and what she’s working on now. But we also talk about some things that you might not expect like how church music influenced her, how a cheeseburger and Annie Hall were the reasons she left Belle & Sebastian mid-tour, getting kicked out of orchestra, and what she did during a decade long hiatus from the music business.

Isobel was incredibly gracious to speak with me so soon after Mark Lanegan’s passing and we do discuss their music and relationship quite a bit. And she’s got some great news about some reissues and new projects that should make everybody happy. Give her a follow on social media @isobelcampbellmusic on Instagram, @Isobel_Campbell on Twitter, pick up her music on Bandcamp or wherever you buy music. Follow us @PerformanceAnx on Twitter & Instagram. You can help us out with a review, with a coffee at, or with merch at And I hope you enjoy this chat with Isobel Campbell on Performance Anxiety, part of the Pantheon Podcast Network.