Jeff Young (Megadeth, Tenifer Jinn)

Performance Anxiety

02-06-2022 • 2 hrs 54 mins

This episode has been a long time in the making. I initially reached out to guitarist Jeff Young Well over a year ago, but the timing was never right. Well once the timing was right, we made up for lost time. Jeff and I had an epic discussion about his first exposure to listening and playing music (he took viola lessons in 1st grade!). He recounts the BB gun trade that literally changed his life. He moved from Dayton, OH to Hollywood to seriously pursue music. After many false starts, he was about ready to give up and move back to Ohio when he had his first encounter with Megadeth. But it wasn’t his gig, yet. Jeff is honest about his time in Megadeth and why he left the band, his want ad on Headbanger’s Ball, signing with Diamond Dave Management but passing on being Steve Vai’s replacement for David Lee Roth’s band; which led to Jason Becker getting the gig; which Jeff is extremely happy about. But after a while, Jeff DID leave music and went to The WHarton School for Business to help save the family business. But a wild series of events got him back into music, playing Farm Aid & hanging with Willie Nelson on his tour bus, and eventually moving to Brazil to play with members of the legendary Assad family. Now Jeff has a lot of irons in the fire, including the band with his better half called Tenifer Jinn, his YouTube channel Music Lives Live, the streaming show he’s done for over 11 years, Music Without Boundaries, and a MEGA new project that is in the works. Follow Jeff @jeffscottyoung on twitter, @jeffyoungguitar on Instagram. Follow us @PerformanceAnx on both. You can support us with reviews or with money on or Now buckle up for an epic mega episode with Jeff Young on Performance Anxiety on Patheon Podcasts.