Queen Kwong & Skeleton Joe

Performance Anxiety

23-06-2022 • 45 mins

I’m thrilled to welcome Carré Callaway and Joe Cardamone, AKA Queen Kwong and Skeleton Joe. Carré talks about growing up in a hotel and her dad’s industrial/punk nightclub in Denver. Once she started focusing on music (this would be AFTER her 6th grade band, Population 3) one of her first gigs was opening for Nine Inch Nails and, as she describes it, messing up on a large scale. She’s also written music with him that’s never come out! But she really started finding her voice after meeting Joe Cardamone from The Icarus Line. With Joe’s help Carré has developed a unique, improvisational style of recording albums. In fact, their maxim is the first take may not be the best sounding but it’s the most honest. So they try to stick to that whenever possible. It has worked for her albums as well as the Quarentina film project she and Joe collaborated on.

Carré also discusses her late diagnosis of cystic fibrosis and how that has affected her. She’s got a new album out soon called Couples Only. She tells me why she used that name and how much of the record is about reclaiming her voice after a pretty rough divorce. Follow her @QueenKwong on social media. Follow joe_cardamone. Follow us @PerformanceAnx. Support the show with a review or money. Merch is available through performanceanx.threadless.com. You can buy a cup of coffee & give it to the show via ko-fi.com/performanceanxiety. Now check out Queen Kwong and Skeleton Joe on Performance Anxiety on Pantheon Podcasts.